Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Jack and I got married February 11, 2005 and took our honeymoon that weekend to a few places. We were both in school and working so we only had the weekend, but it was so fun. First we went to Daniel Summit which Jack had never been so as we are driving up in a horrible snow storm he is asking me if I'm sure I know where I'm going. He asked so much I got nervous and started to doubt myself, but we finally arrived and got settled in. (Jack had to carry me in because I was wearing flip flops and there was three feet of snow on the ground...he was so mad at me it was funny). The next day we went to Park City and spent the day shopping and met his family from Florida for lunch. It was a beautiful day and we had so much fun. The last night we spent in Sundance at a friends cabin. It was amazing to have that place to ourselves. I just love my husband and enjoyed our honeymoon so much.

Journal Time.

So I found a website that will print my posts into a book so I need to back track to when Jack and I first got married and make posts so we can have all the wonderful memories documented. This may take a while but it is worth it:)